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I’d like to add you to our system as a recognized member of PBR. I just have 3 quick questions:

1. How many times have you taken the Peds Boards?
2. How did you hear about PBR?
3. When do you think you’ll be taking the boards?

If you can send the answers to these questions to us via email or via our CONTACT page at that would be great.

I hope you enjoy using PBR as much as I enjoyed creating it.

All the best,
– Ashish

Ashish Goyal, MD
Board Certified Pediatrician
Board Certified Internist
American Board of Pediatrics(ABP) Question Contributor
American Board of Pediatrics(ABP) Question Contributor
Author, Pediatrics Board Review Educational Series
Founder of AVSAR, a 501-c-3 nonprofit organization –