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Welcome To The PBR Online Video Course (OVC)!

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Here’s your Table of Contents. For additional details about the OVC, please scroll to the bottom of the page.

Chapter 1 Adolescent Medicine
Chapter 2 Endocrinology
Chapter 3 OB/Gyn and Some STDs
Chapter 4 Allergy and Immunology
Chapter 5 Cardiology
Chapter 6 Dermatology
Chapter 7 Neonatology
Chapter 8 Developmental Milestones
Chapter 9 Emergency Medicine and Toxicology
Chapter 10 Vitamins and Nutritional Disorders
Chapter 11 Gastroenterology
Chapter 12 Pharmacology and Drug Pearls
Chapter 13 Ophthalmology
Chapter 14 Genetics and Inherited Diseases
Chapter 15 Hematology and Oncology
Chapter 16 Infectious Diseases
Chapter 17 Vaccine Contraindications
Chapter 18 Inborn Errors Of Metabolism Diem
Chapter 19 Acid-Base Disorders
Chapter 20 Fluids and Electrolytes
Chapter 21 Nephrology
Chapter 22 Statistics
Chapter 23 Neurology
Chapter 24 Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
Chapter 25 Rheumatology
Chapter 26 Pulmonology
Chapter 27 Psychiatry Some Social Issues
Chapter 28 Ethics in Pediatrics
Chapter 29 Patient Safety and Quality Improvement
Chapter 30 Pediatric Lab Values
Chapter 31 Pediatric Vital Signs


Register for all OVC Webinars

The OVC is a resource unlike ANY other resources available in the world of pediatrics. It’s a blend of self-study, group study, accountability, mentorship and live interactions with PBR content experts. The OVC includes the following:

  • Pre-recorded videos covering all of the PBR material
  • Mobile/tablet/desktop access for a study ANYTIME and ANYWHERE type of experience
  • LIVE webinars run by the speakers who present the PBR materials. 90-100% of speakers will be PBR “alumni” who are now board-certified pediatricians. Some of them have seen the boards MULTIPLE times!
  • LIVE Q&A sessions during the webinars
  • POST-Webinar access to OVC speakers for 10-14 days


  • FULL SCREEN: Just hit the X-looking thing in the bottom right corner of the video
  • SUBMIT YOUR QUESTIONS! On each video page, you can submit questions to the speaker from the video. This can be done until 10-14 days after each webinar
  • WEBINARS: We have about 12-15 webinars planned in order to address questions you send to us. Some will be combined. Just click the button below to register for the webinars.


  • SPEED THROUGH the videos at least once! You’ll get familiar with the topics, and you’ll pick up some the highlights. It’s not that hard! You can actually get through the videos in a day or two if you speed up the videos. Watch this video.

  • SPEED UP YOUR VIDEOS! We have enabled SPEED CONTROLS for almost every video that we have within the Online Video Course. That means that you can now watch videos on your desktop (and most phones/tablets) at SLOWER or FASTER speeds! You can give yourself more time digest what’s being said… OR, you can crank up that speed to get through 60 minutes of content in as little as 30 minutes! Just click the GEAR icon and select “2x.” Enjoy!
  • Follow along with your PBR, make notes, and then read your PBR AGAIN and AGAIN. When you’re bored or tired of reading, just watch the videos again!
  • SUBMIT questions to increase YOUR efficiency. It’ll take us HOURS and HOURS to find the answers, but that will mean HOURS of time that’s freed up for YOU to focus on pushing through your materials. You can also post your questions to the PBR Facebook CREW! by clicking here.